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Condition Zebra ("ConZebra") was founded on three basic principles: Always tell the truth (even when it isn't convenient); Doing what's right starts with self-accountability (there are no bad teams--just bad leaders); Managing "Risk" is not rocket science (but does require some common sense). 

Security Policy / ISMS Development – A good, functional Security Policy balances the challenges an organization may face when implementing operational guidelines for performing day-to-day tasks while remaining secure. ConZebra's security advisers can help your business define safe operating rules for expected behavior by users, system administrators, management, and security personnel. 

In-house / Remote Security Awareness Training – Whether you are just looking to meet a basic standard of expectation or modify the culture within your organization, ConZebra can help steer the educational outcome of our operations.

Risk Management Framework Implementation – The ConditionZebra Risk Management Framework provides a process that integrates security and risk management activities into the system development life cycle of any organization in any critical infrastructure sector.

Baseline Risk Assessments – Securing an organization begins with an understanding where it is on the Cybersecurity Maturity scale. As part of that understanding, every ConZebra engagement includes a Risk Assessment, part of which includes determining which assets are most valuable to your business. 

Strategic Partner Recommendations – Do you know who the best Security partner is for your business? Whether looking for an MSP/MSSP, Endpoint Protection partner or considering outsourcing your security needs to a third-party SIEM/SOC, ConZebra can help you navigate the crowded space to make sure you maximize your investment in Cybersecurity and RIsk Management. 


In the Digital Age, and the rising trend in Ransomware, Phishing and Malware campaigns, it's not a matter of whether your organization will be threatened by a compromise, it's about how long before you recognize the bad guys are already in your environment. Condition Zebra has been there and knows where the trouble is hiding. 

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